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Sears Card login: Hello friends! If you have a new Sears Credit Card and it is not active, I will show you how to activate your Sears Credit Card.

Hello If you own the newest Sears Credit Card but it’s not yet active but don’t fret because this post will inform you of the procedure to activate Your Sears Credit Card, that is, how to activate the Sears Credit Card so guys you should read.

Sears Card login – Sears Credit Card Activation

You shop your own way credit card will be able to identify the Sears Credit Card activation in a single step. There are two options to activate your Sears Credit Card online or by calling.

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Requirements for Activating Sears Card

  • If you want to activate the Sears Credit Card online, an account with Citi Bank Online Banking is required.
  • If you wish to activate Sears Card via your mobile phone, an associated phone number must be linked to the bank account.
  • Sears Credit Card
  • Number of the Sears Card
  • Social security number
  • Personal identification details
  • Credit card user details

There are many ways to activate your Sears Credit Card. Let’s quickly discuss each one.

Activate Your New Sears Credit Card Online at

The official Citi Bank website allows you to activate the Sears Credit Card. Sign in to your online bank account (i.e. 

This is a great idea as it makes the process easy and simple without having to worry about anything. This is the easiest method to log into Citi Bank online banking.

Sears cardholders should be aware that you need a bank account in Citi Bank Online Banking to activate your Sears Card/Mastercard via online banking services.

How to Activate Sears Card Online

  1. You need to visit or simply click the link available here for the Sears Credit Card Activation link.
  2. Register with your username and password to activate your Sears Credit Card.
  3. You will now be directed to a new page that will require you to enter a 16-digit code on your Sears credit card.
  4. Now, confirm your identity by answering the security questions.
  5. Enter your personal information, such as identification details and card details, carefully.
  6. Follow the steps to create a PIN code on your Sears Credit Card.
  7. Soon, your Sears Credit Card is activated and available for use.

Sears Credit Card Activation Using Phone Number

We recommend that you activate your Sears Card online for easy and quick activation. However, it is also possible to activate your card over the telephone. 

To activate your Sears Credit Card, dial this toll-free number 1 (800) 589-7328

For assistance with card activation issues, call Sears MasterCard customer support at 1 800 815-7701

You can activate Sears Credit Card by using a phone number.

You must have all required information ready when you call the Sears Credit Card Activation number 1.800.589.7327.

These instructions will help you activate your card with Sears Credit Card activation phone number:

  1. Dial Sears Credit Card Activation Telephone Number 1.800.589.7327
  2. Pay attention and choose the correct option to activate your credit card.
  3. Give your credit card details including 16 digit card number, CVV, card name, etc.
  4. It will now ask you security questions that you previously asked Citi Bank in order to verify your identity.
  5. Sears Credit Card Activation is complete when you accept the Credit Card terms and conditions.
  6. Once all details have been submitted, your Sears Credit Card is activated. You will then be able to access it.

Important Tips to Remember When You Activate Credit Card

  • Avoid sharing your Sears ATM PIN or Sears Credit Card number with anyone else to protect your bank account.
  • You can prevent identity theft by signing on the back of your card immediately after you receive it.
  • Sears Credit Cardholder Agreements should be carefully read.


This article contains all the information you need about Sears Card activation. You can choose from two methods to activate your Sears Credit Card. 

Follow the steps to activate Sears Card. Use the comment box below to ask any question or query. For more updates, visit our website

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