Marie Callender’s Catering Menu Prices 2022

If you are looking for hearty American food, Marie Callender’s catering menu will be a good choice. The restaurant chain serves American cuisine but also draws inspiration from other parts of the world. marie calendars catering

Marie Callender’s Catering Menu 2022

Marie Callender’s has over 50 national restaurants so it is easy to place a large order. If they are hosting large events, they encourage customers to order from their catering menu. They even offer the possibility to host your event at one of their venues.

There are few better ways to impress clients than with delicious food and generous portions. There are many options so there will be something for everyone.

We have everything you need to see their catering menu right here on the menu website. Enjoy it!

Marie Callender’s Catering Menu Prices 2022 List


Supreme Starter Platters

Serves 8-10 people as an appetizer
Crispy Chicken Tenders $19.99
Chili, Cheese & Chips $18.99
Seasonal Vegetable Platter $19.99
Appetizer Combo Platter $20.99

Freshly Baked Pies and Desserts

Cream Pies

Lemon Meringue $12.99
Chocolate Cream $11.99
Banana Cream $11.99
Coconut Cream $12.99
German Chocolate $12.99
Double Cream Lemon $11.99
Double Cream Blueberry $11.99
Custard $10.99

Fruit Pies

Apple $8.99
Cherry $8.99
French Apple $9.99
Peach $8.99
Pumpkin $9.99
Razzleberry $9.99
Rhubarb $9.99
Sour Cream Apple $8.99

No Sugar Added

Apple $8.99
Razzleberry $8.99

Specialty Pies

Key Lime $13.99
Pecan $13.99
Chocolate Satin $12.99
Cream Cheese $13.99
Lemon Cream Cheese $13.99
Kahlúa Cream Cheese $13.99

New York-Style Cheesecakes

Traditional New York-Style Cheesecake $35.99
Caramel Apple New York Cheesecake $35.99

Cookie Platter

Cookie Platter Serves 8-10 $10.00

Brownie Platter

Brownie Platter Serves 8-10 $10.00

Breakfast Selections

American Breakfast Serves 8-10 $68.99
Maries Famous Quiche Serves 6 $45.99
Breakfast Wraps Platter Serves 8-10 $58.99
Assorted Muffins Platter Serves 8-10 $55.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter Serves 8-10 $40.99
Breakfast Beverages in a Box Serves 8-10 $40.99

Classic Family Meals

Serves 4-6 people. Served with Cornbread & Honey Spread
Roasted Turkey $55.99
Home-Style Meatloaf $45.99
Braised and Slow-Roasted Pot Roast $57.99
Chicken & Broccoli Pasta $54.99
Home-Style Beef Stroganoff $55.99

Soups and Chili

Serves 4-6 people
Soup & Cornbread $24.99
Chili & Cornbread $25.99

Supreme Salad Platters

Serves 8-10 people
Chicken Caesar Salad $32.99
Chicken Caesar Salad With Ancho-Marinated Shrimp $35.99
Cobb Salad $33.99
Southwest Avocado Salad $33.99
Southwest Avocado Salad With Cajun-Grilled Chicken $37.99
Southwest Avocado Salad With Ancho-Marinated Shrimp $39.99

Boxed Lunches

Croissant Sandwich $7.99
Roast Beef on a Baguette $8.99

Croissant Sandwich Platter

Serves 8-10 people
An Assortment of Turkey & Roast Beef on Croissant $35.99

Taco Platters

Serves 4-6 people
Grilled Shrimp Street Tacos $10.99
Grilled Chicken Street Tacos $9.99

How to place an order with Marie Callender’s Catering Menu

For catering needs, the Marie Callender’s website has the list of branches nearest you. The directory of branches provides contact details along with hours of operation, as well as the services available at that branch.

The menu options, delivery options and the availability of private banquet facilities depend on the specific location. It is recommended to mention the zip code in which you reside to ensure that you do not just have the nearest but also the most appropriate place for your requirements.

The most well-known items are of course the pies! Pie slices from home or complete pie to go are what Marie’s was famous for.

There are a minimum purchase amount of $75.00 and groups that exceed 20 people are required to provide the deposit back in the amount of $50.00 when they place an order. Delivery charges are $10.00 charge is applied to the purchase.

Marie Callender’s Catering Reviews

Marie Callender’s catering can be customized to any event of any budget and size. From small gatherings to extravagant banquets, Marie’s provides top quality services that make your occasions enjoyable and stress-free.

Customers at Marie’s can choose from various options of personalized and cooked meal bundles. Sets include a selection of a variety of meals as well as salads, sandwiches and salads. desserts, and, of course, a selection of our famous baked pie.

A catering company that offers all-inclusive services Marie Callender’s can provide all-inclusive assistance for catering events, and for a nominal fee, offers additional services such as wine by the bottle that goes with your food or décor.

If you decide to hire Marie’s to serve your food and then leave the setting up to them, they’ll also do that. Marie’s mission is to create memorably and assist you in every way they are able to. You can choose to confide in Marie to take over the event’s reins or have Marie’s cater your event with delicious food to go with the event that you planned.

Popular Catering Choices at Marie Callender’s

Marie Callender’s is a great restaurant to go to regardless of what time of the day They have various options for lunch, breakfast, and dinner. With the best of American favorite dishes and more to choose from, There’s no reason not to give it a go.

In their menu for catering, you’ll discover buffets, appetizers children’s meals, delicious breakfasts pasta, and a variety of other delicious options. They’ll even supply all of your drinks!

If you’re trying to get an idea of what you need to choose for your special occasion, take an eye on the different fans’ favourites below!

American Breakfast Buffet

If you’re looking to find hot food options to serve your guests, Marie Callender’s American Breakfast Buffet is the best choice. It’s an assortment of scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast or sausage quiche eggs for breakfast and potatoes in season, fruits muffins, juices and coffee and will cover all your needs.

The package will be at the cost of $13.99 per person There is the requirement of a minimum of 20 guests!

Lunch Combo

If you’re planning to bring a healthy and nutritious lunch to your next gathering or event, they offer several lunch combinations which you can purchase. We recommend the healthier option since the options are better.

It includes the option of choosing three menu items. It includes Southwest avocado salad, shrimp with avocado and honey ginger-glazed salmon pasta Alfredo with chicken broccoli and many more! The price is $17.99 per head.

Heartland American Buffet

If you are looking for a buffet that is available any time of the day, we recommend that you try the Heartland American Buffet. It is served with caesar salad and cornbread, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and the option of two types of meat.

The cost is $19.99 per person. However, there’s a minimum order amount of 20!

Buttermilk Biscuits And Gravy

It’s impossible to not love Buttermilk Biscuits as well as Gravy. It’s a must-have food at Marie Callender’s and has been a hit with customers for a long time.

Every biscuit order includes multiple biscuits dipped in gravy – they’re just $1.49 per biscuit!

Enjoy Marie Callender’s Catering Menu Offering

What do you have to be still It’s time to take your catering services into the top tier by adding Marie Callender’s catering to your next event. Don’t waste your time with conventional, boring caterers.

If you’re looking to place an order from their menu of catering then you’ll have to locate your nearest branch and call them. You should ensure you give them sufficient notice when you’re placing a large order.

It’s not a secret If you’re searching for American classics with a hint more twist Callender’s is one of the most cost-effective options on the market. With a long-running track record of accomplishment, they should be the first choice to consider your next catering request.

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