El Pollo Loco Catering Menu Prices 2021

El Pollo Loco Catering Menu Prices: If you’re having a lot of guests attending your celebration who all love chicken El Pollo Loco’s catering menu and prices could be the right choice for you. From their three-course chicken dinners to their chicken burrito platter their menus are aplenty.

There are of course side dishes and other items to accompany the many different types of chicken dishes cooked over fire. Rice, beans salad, corn, and salad are among the many choices available. The most loved are however the mac and cheese as well as potato mash.

Talk about comfort food.

Below, you will find all the options and prices for El Pollo Loco’s menu for catering.

El Pollo Loco Catering Menu Prices 2021


El Pollo Loco Meals

Meal 24 Pc (serves 10-12) $64.99
Meal 48 Pc (serves 20-24) $129.99
Chicken & Tortillas 24 Pc $37.99
3 Course Meal 24 Pc (serves 10-12) $79.99
3 Course Meal 48 Pc (serves 20-24) $149.99

El Pollo Loco Extras

Guacamole $6.99
House Salsa $4.99
Pico De Gallo Medium $4.99
Avocado Salsa $4.99
Salsa Roja $4.99
Creamy Cilantro Dressing $4.99
Lemons $2.99
Onions $1.99
Sour Cream $4.99
Water $1.89

El Pollo Loco Sides

Spanish Rice Extra Large $13.99
Spanish Rice Jumbo $23.99
Pinto Beans Extra Large $13.99
Pinto Beans Jumbo $23.99
Loco Salad Extra Large $13.99
Loco Salad Jumbo $23.99
Corn Extra Large $13.99
Corn Jumbo $23.99
Black Beans Extra Large $13.99
Black Beans Jumbo $23.99
Cole Slaw Extra Large $13.99
Cole Slaw Jumbo $23.99
Mac & Cheese Extra Large $13.99
Mac & Cheese Jumbo $23.99
Mashed Potatoes With Gravy Extra Large $13.99
Mashed Potatoes With Gravy Jumbo $23.99

El Pollo Loco A La Carte

Burrito Platter (8 halves per platter) $19.99
Mexican Salad $12.99
Chicken Taquitos $15.99
Tacos al Carbon 6 Pack. $7.99
Chips & Salsa $7.99

Popular Catering Choices at El Pollo Loco

Based what the size and type of group depending on the size of your group, you can pick on a 3-course meal and chicken tacos meals or the a la carte options. There is also the option of choosing from a wide selection of sides that can be served with any of the listed choices.

The most well-known is, naturally, the three-course meals. Since they include churros.

24-Piece Chicken And Tortillas

If your guests tend to favor the simple chicken dishes this is a fantastic alternative for you. The meal comes with barbecued chicken marinated in citrus with warm tortillas as well as fresh salsa. There’s nothing more to say.

3-Course Chicken Meals

The 24-piece meal can serve 10-12 people. The 48-piece meal is suitable for 20-24 persons. The three-course meals include cheese enchiladas and 2 portions of chicken for each person tortillas, salsas, and tortillas 2 sides, and, most important, plates, utensils napkins, plates, and cutlery.

Just kidding. But most importantly: Churros.

Favorite Sides And Extras

Apart from the standard Spanish beans, rice coleslaw, corn, and other staples, El Pollo Loco provides an array of delicious comfort food dishes. Their mac and cheese are described as “elbow macaroni immersed in a creamy cheese sauce” and the mashed potatoes are “seasoned with black pepper and served with rich golden brown chicken gravy.”

Extra Large, as well as Jumbo sizes, are also available.

Enjoy El Pollo Loco’s Catering Offerings

El Pollo Loco has thought of everything, from cutlery and plates to guacamole, delicious cilantro salad dressing.

Orders must be made at a minimum of 12 hours prior to the date of delivery For larger orders, they require 24 hours’ notice. Additionally, Apple Pay and Android Pay can be picked up for orders, which will simplify the payment process.

El Pollo Loco is ready to host the next “loco” party, with their chicken tacos that are the star of the show and burritos. Add some hot Salsa Roja on top and your next event is already planned!

El Pollo Loco Catering Menu Offical Website: www.elpolloloco.com/our-food/catering

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