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The activation process of your Desjardins Visa Credit Card

Activate Desjardins Credit Card

Desjardins is the finance supplier that is preferred by millions of Canadians They offer numerous credit card options to their clients. Desjardins is a co-operative financial group, which is the largest of their kind in Canada and leverage the collective power of their members to offer competitive services to their members.

One of the services offered by the co-operative are credit cards that range from credit cards for students only to low-APR Visa. They also have bonuses with cashback rewards and other perks to make them more enjoyable to utilize.

If you’ve recently received the latest credit card from Desjardins, it’s important to activate it prior to use. We’ve provided the options to activate it below:

Can I Activate a Desjardins Credit Card Online?

Desjardins is not offering an online activation service at the moment. You’ll need to dial the numbers listed below to complete activation on the phone. Be assured, Desjardins has made their phone activation system quick and easy, meaning you’ll be finished in no time!

Activating Your Desjardins Card Over the Phone

The automated activation service is accessible 24/7 by dialing the following number 1-866-533-4401 .

If you’ve lost your documentation and control number of the card, dial 1-800-363-3380 to speak with one of the representatives. They’ll be able help you activate your card.

Quick & Easy Activation Instructions

You’ll have to call for the number toll free (1-800-563-4401) to swiftly and effortlessly to activate your new card via this automated method. To ensure your card’s authenticity we recommend calling the number linked to the cardholder who is the primary. Prepare your card as you’ll be required to supply information for activation.

Desjardins Visa Automated Activation: 1-800-563-4401

(If you’re having issues using the toll-free number or need help, call this number: 514-397-419. )

Tips for New Credit Card Users:

  • To reduce the risk for identity theft make sure you sign the reverse of your credit card prior to making use of it.
  • Make sure to go over your cardholder’s contract carefully.

Maximize the benefits the card you just received! Make sure you are aware of the card’s advantages and make use of them. Sometimes benefits like roadside assistance are hidden in the fine text of the cardholder’s agreement.

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