JCPenney Card Activation

Activate JCpenney Credit Card – JCPenney Card Activation

Activate JCPenney Credit Card: You can be sure to activate your JCPenney Card using our steps. Once you have done that, you will activate the JCPenney Card once more.Activate Jcpenney Credit Card

How to activate your new JCPenney credit card

You can activate your JCPenney credit cards online or over the phone if you’ve received one from JCPenney. Once you complete the activation process, your store credit card cannot be used for purchases.

The credit card will arrive in the mail with a sticker or label that will contain the contact information necessary to activate it. These are the steps to follow if you have not received this information.

Call to activate your JCPenney credit card

You can activate your JCPenney credit card by phone if you prefer. Contact the customer service department at the store. If you don’t have the label number, you can call them anytime at 1 800 542-0800.

The hours of customer service are Monday to Friday, 7 am to midnight. Weekend hours are from 9 AM to midnight. Both availability periods are based on Eastern time zones.

You can still use your JCPenney credit cards to make purchases even if you don’t receive them in the mail. You can bring your items to any customer service center, and they will issue you a temporary card that allows you to make purchases on the same day. This benefit is available for 24 hours from the time you approve your application.

Your credit card can be used at any JCPenney store, on their website, or at Sephora.

How to Activate your JCPenney Credit Card Online

The JCPenney credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank. To begin the process, you will need to register on the Synchrony Bank website. Click on the Register button at bottom of the screen.

Enter the account number found on the backside of your credit card. Click the Next button.

To verify that you are the intended JCPenney cardholder, you will need to provide identifying information. You will need to provide your date of birth, Social Security number, maiden name, and mother’s maiden name.

These data points should match the information you provided during the application process to this new card.

If none of the above options work, you can contact Synchrony Bank’s customer support line for assistance. Call 1 (866 419-4096 to speak with a representative who will activate your card and get you to the right person.

Activate JCPenney Credit Card Over Phone Call

You will need your registered mobile number to activate your JCPenney credit card. To activate your card, follow the steps.

  • Use your registered mobile number to dial 1-800-542-0800.
  • Listen carefully, and then choose the language that you prefer.
  • Enter your Card Number, personal information, and password.
  • Follow the instructions and complete the process.
  • Finally, your card has been successfully activated.


This article should provide all information about JCPenney credit card activation. You can check out these two ways to Activate JCPenney Credit Card, and then follow the steps to activate the card.

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